We’re exited to announce that TRADR is launching our new affiliate program at FinCon 2023! 

Do you have an audience that you’re looking to monetize? 

We are looking for affiliate partners to help us tell our story and drive subscriber growth as we launch our paid subscription tier. We have structured our affiliate program to provide significant financial incentive to our affiliates, while also helping us meet our own goals. 

Affiliate Program Details:

  • 80% revenue share for paid subscription referrals for first 12 months
  • Earn up to $96 per paid monthly subscriber, paid monthly*
  • Earn $80 per paid annual subscriber, paid at end of current month
  • No cap on affiliate revenue
  • Exclusive 15% discount available only through affiliates
  • Unique affiliate page on for your referrals
  • Payments processed through Stripe
  • Affiliate tracking through Post Affiliate Pro
  • Open to all major platforms – podcasts, blogs, websites, YouTube, Instagram, , etc.
  • Minimum audience size of 1,000 required
  • Requirement of one post talking about TRADR on your primary platform within first 3 months. Additional details are platform specific.

Our Goals:

  • We are looking to partner with content creators that focus on financial markets, investing, trading, or similar fields
  • We want to drive subscriber growth as we launch our paid tier
  • We want to build brand awareness
  • We want to educate potential users about what makes TRADR different and how it can benefit them
  • Provide significant incentives to our affiliates to help us deliver on our goals
The Numbers:
  • Subscription cost through App Store: $10/monthly, $100/annually
  • Discounted cost through affiliates: $8.50/monthly, $85 annually
  • Affiliate payments (monthly subscriptions): $8/month for each month the user has an active paid subscription within the first 12 months*
  • Affiliate payments (annual subscriptions): $80 paid at the end of the current month
* Monthly subscription referrals are paid based on the number of months the user has an active paid subscription. Our paid subscription is $10/month, which is $8/month paid to the affiliate for each month that subscription is active within the first 12 months. If the user keeps the paid subscription for the full 12 months, the affiliate earnings $96 ($8 x 12 months).